Classes are taught in a traditional manner. Athletically, you can expect an exposure to a fitness program that involves the entire body.

Aerobic capacity expands with strength and flexibility through practice developed by the Samurai over thousands of years of life and death combat.

The Okinawan development of Karate is fused with Japanese psychology, and philosophy, giving this art its formidable reputation as a method of self-defence.

Students learn from a source that is in its purest form, giving all self confidence and preparation for any confrontation be it physical or mental. Movement towards black belt develops an unbeatable attitude that leads to success in all endeavours.

You can expect a great cardiovascular workout, strength training, increased eye and hand co-ordination, a highly developed sense of body positioning in space, enhanced sense of rhythm, timing, and amazing balance and control.

Skill levels begin with the ability to block any attack, progressing through the ability to stop an attack before it occurs, and ultimately the ability to remove the thought of attack from the mind of the opponent.

The study of body language facilitates an understanding of potentially violent situations and the psychology to always move towards conflict resolution.

All students learn proper posture, etiquette, and manners. Compassion, respect, and gratitude are words that are woven throughout the teaching to ensure emotional balance and well being.

Control is developed to ensure safety for all. The highest virtues of character are brought out. Patience, honesty, dedication, perserverance, tenacity, loyalty, courage, and resilience are expected and developed.

Kobudo – Classical Karate Weaponry

A walking stick, cane, or even an umbrella in the hands of a trained martial artist are weapon enough to equalize any attack once the principles and techniques of weaponry are learned.

Bo ( 6′ staff)

Instruction for children and adults in basic handling techniques and classical Bo forms.


Traditional handling of these Okinawan farming tools including throwing techniques and classical forms.


Training includes use of these weapons.

Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation

Tuesday evening class teaching all esoteric aspects of ancient art of Tai Chi for use in slowing aging process, regeneration, rejuvenation. Slow moving non-stressful technique